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Maniabilir (ObstacleAnalyze) Brand Registration Certificate
ObstacleAnalyze Brand Registration Certificate
Maniabilir (ObstacleAnalyze) Technological Product Experience Certificate
ObstacleAnalyze Technological Product Experience Certificate
Haritaevi DGCA Certificate of Authorization
Haritaevi DGCA Certificate of Authorization

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Haritaevi and ObstacleAnalyze

ObstacleAnalyze is a product of Haritaevi. Haritaevi has extraordinary expertise in the development & deployment of Aeronautical Information Management (AIM) software applications. To assist and enable Deep Analytics of AIM for the Turkish General Directorate of Civil Aviation (DGCA) and the Turkish Ministry of National Defense (MSB) in 2015, we designed and implemented the web portal www.maniabilir.com to allow human and machine users to browse, select and visualize terrain & obstacles around an airport, and their potential Obstacle Limiting Surface (OLS) impact. You can access more detailed information about Haritaevi on our www.haritaevi.com page.

ObstacleAnalyze USA

With its products and solutions, ObstacleAnalyze also provides service in the US market according to FAA standards. Click on for detailed information about the ObstacleAnalyze USA page...